Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last night we had a Halloween Party.... It was so fun! Thank you to all who came! I am always nervous before throwing a party that no one will come but we had a lot of very fun people who seemed to have fun so my goal was accomplished. Larry was so helpful!! He frosted about 60 sugar cookies and they where not easy cookies to frost... there were ghosts cats and boo's! He did an amazing job! He was also in charge of the playlist which was perfect! I made truffles, taco soup and cornbread. My only blunder of the night and it was a big one... As I took my first bite of cornbread I quickly realized I forgot the sugar! At that point I just laughed and advised everyone to load up on the honey butter to make up for the lack of sweetness. I was so great catching up with friends and seeing everyone's costumes! There was everything from Alice in Wonderland and tinkerbell to Tiger Woods and a random boy in a bathrobe! One of the best Halloween's I've ever had!


The Ortons said...

I LOVE HALLOWEEN. I LOVE THAT YOU BLOGGGGGGGGGGG. we can blog stalk eachother. love youuu.

Rhonda Montgomery said...

sounds like a great time!!! I love Halloween and you and Larry looked great as pirates!!!

Lauren Evans said...

i bookmarked you on my blog!! we had so much fun at your party, you guys are so fun!

P+B said...

kendall, you always have the coolest costumes, way to go! cute blog too

Miles and Chelsey said...

YAY you finally posted. I've neglected looking at your blog because I've always been sad when you don't have anything up. But now I'm excited!